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Разфасовка: 700 ml.
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Nose…A full on peat smoke attack - a touch of ocean spray and quite a nose tickler. Taste…Full bodied, complex, strong and insists on your full attention - a dry peatiness and away in the background a hint of sweetness. Finish…Long with warming peat and smoke, and a big chunk of 85% cocoa organic dark chocolate.  That was great tasting Lagavulin, lets do it again next week, and the week after. Both the Whisky Boys do really enjoy their peaty malts and without doubt the Islay ones are way at the top of the list, can Whisky tasting get any better, we will continue with our journey through the world of single malt Whiskies, especially from our native land, Scotland. This distillery does tours and is open all year round but you must phone ahead and make an appointment, it is worth it, everyone should go round this distillery and see how they make this, one of the greatest malts ever produced. The Whisky Boys feel that at £36.00 plus, it is quite an expensive dram, but boy, it is surely worth it. Readily available in most supermarkets and all specialist Whisky shops.