уиски Феймъс Блек Граус 50мл

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  • уиски Феймъс Блек Граус 50мл m1
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Black Grouse

The Black Grouse е шотландско смесено уиски, което се прави от The Famous Grouse и отлежали малцови уискита.

С изключително мек и балансиран вкус, с опушени нотки на торф.

Meet the rakish relative of The Famous Grouse

Bold and charismatic, uniquely smoky but smooth. And that’s just the whisky...

Its distinctive character deserves your appreciation. The Black Grouse is a strikingly beautiful bird, and he knows it. An incurable show-off, he loves to strut his stuff with a raised white tail and a glint in the eye.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Peaty-smoke then delicate sweetness. Golden raw sugar, traces of malt and oak.

Taste: Subtle smoky-sweet tones. A silky smooth delivery with hints of cocoa and spice.

Finish: Long, peaty, aromatic. Gentle smokiness, giving way to a resonant oaky note.

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